Province Government
Province 2

Forest Research and Training Centre

Sagarnath, Sarlahi, Nepal


Name: Gopal Prasad Gautam


Phone: 977-9854032055



Forest Research and Training Centre at Province No. 2, is a Province Government body under the Ministry of Industry,Tourism, Forest and Environment, responsible for forestry research, survey activities and training at the province level. It was established with the aim of providing forestry training and extension services regarding forest, biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, agro-forestry etc to the forest technicians, forest user groups and local people of the province. Besides this, this office has been offering Geographical Information System (GIS) Training, Global Positioning System (GPS) Handling Training, REDD+ Training, Basic or In-service Training, etc. to enhance the capability of the forestry professionals by improving their knowledge and skills. After the promulgation of new constitution of Nepal in 2015, Nepal shifted from unitary system to federal system. To deliver the service as per federal system, the office was established as Forest Research and Training Centre in 2018 A.D. Since then, this office has been remaining as the apex body of Province government of Nepal working under Ministry of Industry,Tourism, Forest and Environment to conduct scientific forestry research & survey and to provide training to the forest technicians and public people.

Major Objectives:

  • Conduct scientific study and research on forestry sector: Biodiversity, Climate change, Agroforestry, Forest disease and pests, Ecotourism, etc

  • Conduct forest inventory and develop forest resource database at Provincial level.

  • Conduct training relevant to forest resource management, Biodiversity Conservation, Climate change Mitigation and Adaptation, Agroforestry, Forest disease and pests, Waste Management and Ecotoursim Promotion  to Forestry Sector Personnel, Forest User groups and relevant Local People.

  • Carry out forest cover mapping and prepare forest maps at provincial level

Information Officer

Name: Rajeev Kumar Jha


Phone: 977-9854032056